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If you DNF, And would like to relay specific
information to your service crew.
Please make sure you have the message written down on paper,
including your name and car number and stage location with Milage,
as well as your service crew names.
You must have this information ready BEFORE sweep arrives, (car 00)
as we will not have time to wait for you to write it down
when we arrive. Hand this information to the passenger
in the sweep vehicle, not the driver!
We will try and forward as much information
as possible over the radios.
When we arrive back at service, we will hand the
written information to your service crew,IF they come to us.
We WILL NOT track down the service crews to pass on the info.

There may be a shuttle available to haul Drivers & Co-Drivers
out of the woods, For those that make it far enough (Buffum style)
that the rovers will not be able to pull you out.
But Don't count on the shuttle being there.
Good luck

Brian Goss

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Speaking of DNF's. If you happen to go off in front of me and I have to stop, don't expect more than the minimum required of the rules since in 2 of the last 3 pro rallys I have lost a significant number of positions because of stopping for offs in front of me. Thanks. :-(

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>That's not what I've been told nor what section 7.9 of the
>rule book seems to indicate. It's Force Majeure which
>translated means 'tough luck'. Anyone else care to share
>their experience in a similiar situation TIA.

I know the Canadian rules allow for a time allowance to be granted to a competitor who stops 'to ascertain the need for assistance', i.e. when there are no triangles/OK sign. If the road is blocked or you help extricate someone, that is force majeur or your self-imposed penalty, depending on the situation.

The SCCA rules don't address the issue.

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