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Bluenose AutoSport Club 2010 Bluenose Rally Sprint Series

Event #3 - Sunday, October 31, 2010

This Rally Sprint event will be held under the general competition regulations of the Canadian Association of Rallysport (CARS) and The Rally regulations of Atlantic Region Motor Sports Inc. (ARMS). These publications are available from the Regional Rally Director, Gordon Sleigh, 240 Lakeview Avenue, Middle Sackville, NS, B4E 3B6, [email protected] and the last updated version will be available at the start.

This Rally Sprint Series is brought to you by the Bluenose Autosport Club,
P.O. Box 2724 DEPS,
Dartmouth N.S. B2W 4R4


This is the 3rd in the 2010 BAC RallySprint Challenge Series. This event will take place on unpaved less than perfect forest company roads, at brisk speeds. The event will consist of 6 stages, each under 3 kilometres long with a maximum average speed of 80 kph as per the CARS Rally Sprint Rules. (Found at http://www.carsrally.ca/CARSRally/Default.aspx?tabid=92)

Event Officials:

Organizer: Ron McKenzie, 930 Waverly Road, Waverly, NS, B2R 1V6
Co Organizer: Dave Hull, 45 Archibald Street, Truro, NS, B2N 4R5
Chief Control Marshall: TBA
Registrar: Sherrie Hennigar
Route Steward: Dave Hull, See Above
Senior Steward: TBA

Event Location:

Miller Road, Devan, Nova Scotia

GPS Coordinates:
Central Staging area - N44 51 01.4 W63 20 51.7 (hddd.mm.ss.s)
Miller Rd - N44 55 00.3 W63 24 13.9Directions:

To the Central Staging area from Exit 7 off Hwy 102 at Enfield
1. Take exit 7 off Hwy 102 at Enfield and turn towards the Irving Big Stop
2. 0.00 Just past the Irving Big Stop Turn Right onto Oldham Rd at the Enfield Autobody Shop sign, start odo check
3. 0.53 Straight ahead at crossroads
4. 3.95 Keep Right, caution very sharp right turn
5. 8.08 Stop Tee Left SI 212 East, Elderbank
6. 15.91 Right onto Miller Rd
7. 17.20 Keep left
8. 17.48 Keep left
9. 18.44 Tee Right
10. 20.13 Sharp left
11. 21.10 Sharp left gravel pit on right
12. 21.79 Bridge, end odo check as you drive onto bridge.
13. 21.88 Keep Right
14. 22.79 SA
15. 22.93 Bridge
16. 24.87 Bridge
17. 25.57 SA
18. 26.15 SA keep to the Right
19. 26.18 Keep Right
20. 26.33 Central Marshalling Area

Entry Fees:

$100.00 per Rally Sprint Team (Driver Co Driver)
Pre Entry is preferred.

Entries will be accepted until 1000 ADT Sunday October 31, 2010


0900 Registration and Scrutinizing Opens
1000 Registration Closes
1000 Drivers Meeting
1030 Car 0 leaves from Staging area
1630 Last car into finishSupplementary Rules and Regulations:

Supplemental Regulations

1.0 All competitors must be a current member of an ASN Canada FIA recognized club or an SCCA recognized club. Membership card will be required to be shown at Registration.
1.1 All competitors and pit crew must sign the insurance waiver. Those under the age of majority in Nova Scotia will require a parental waiver signed preferably by both parents, or guardians.
1.2 No one under the age of 16 will be permitted to compete.
1.3 Drivers must attend all drivers meetings.
1.4 Please ensure that you have adequate fuel for the day, it’s a 40 minute trip for fuel.
1.5 All competition vehicles must have roll over protection that meets or exceeds the specs as outlined in the CARS Rally Sprint Rules.
1.6 All competition vehicles must have a CARS Registration and Technical Inspection Self-Declaration form filled out and present it at Registration. This form is available at http://www.carsrally.ca/CARSRally/Portals/0/Form_Reg_Tech_Self_Declaration.pdf
1.7 All Drivers and Co Drivers must wear a CARS approved helmet.
1.8 Although not required a multi layered Nomex driving suit and accessories are highly recommended.
1.9 A route book will be provided to Competitors (1 per team) at Registration.
1.10 Starting positions will be arranged to allow for the smoothest transitions at the end of each loop to allow for the sharing of vehicles.
1.11 Stage 1 & 2 are a loop. The loop consists of the following sequence - Start from the Central Marshalling area, Stage #1, turn around, Stage #2 and then back to Central Marshalling area.
1.12 All teams will do the Stage 1 / 2 loop, then all Teams will do Stage 3 and then Stage 4 which is a repeat of Stage 3, then all Teams will do Stage 5 and Stage 6 which are the reverse of Stages 3 & 4.
1.13 Scoring will be the total of the six stage times of the team. The winner of the event will be the team with lowest total time.
1.14 Awards will be announced at a later time.
1.15 Teams who miss or fail to complete any stage will be assigned a time consistent with a 30km/h transit of that stage plus a 15 second penalty
1.16 The displacement of cones placed by the organizer for the purposes of defining the rally course will be penalized by a 15 second penalty per cone to their time for that stage
1.17 Any competitor leaving the start prior to the start time assigned to them by Start Time Control will be assessed a two minute penalty to their time for that stage

Dave Hull
Event Co Organizer
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