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Supplemental regulations are now available on the Ledwidge Lookoff Rally website at http://www.lookoffrally.com !

This year will include THREE free spectator stages at the Conrad Brothers Quarry in Dartmouth! Rally right in your back yard! These stages were super fast and fun last year with great viewing positions for spectators to see the entire 3km stage from one location! You can find information on spectating on the Lookoff Rally site!

After that the rally moves on to the Noel shore where competitors will tackle another 12 full rally stages totalling 117 kilometres!

Volunteers are always welcome and you can find information on helping out in the Volunteers section of the Lookoff Rally Website. A volunteers registration form will be available shortly or you can contact Ron McKenzie at [email protected]

Rally in our region keeps getting better and this will be the biggest event held in our region in over 20 years! Come on out and be a part of the fun!

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