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I have been waiting to help not promote AER so that Mendocino and Gorman get decent entrees for their event.

So now it is time to promote Arizona Extreme Rally....
event website - www.arizoneextremerally.com
Dates: Sept 12/13, 2014
Location: Kingman,AZ at the largest motorsport park in the country -Arizona RT 66 Motorsport Park
Hotel: Ramada Inn which we will have the hotel rates TBA after this weekend. Restaurants nearby and should have their own restaurant and bar open by August 1st.
Stage Miles: Over 130 stage miles for a 2 day event.
Stage Format: - Night Stages on Friday night with over 64 plus stage miles no transits. NO rocks and to be fully birmed ...reverse route this year. Saturday stages reversed with morning and evening stages.
Co-Share a Rally Car or Off-Road vehicles - How can you do that? Well you will run in groups of 6 with 2 minute intervals. This will include off-road teams. (UTV, 2 seat Buggies, trucks-tech inspection from the BITD series class rules). Sharing means one starts at the front of the 1st group and the co-sharer will be in the last group. The second group does not start until the first group finishes through the shortcourse area.
Reformation of the short course has been made So it is still exciting but more run off to stop at FTC. NO ATC or MTC needed.
Rules and Insurance under:: Organizers HP Rally Group, LLC (great liability insurance that takes care of partcipants and volunteers)
Stewards Why of course...we have a event steward as per the rules and we have addtional WRC Safety Officier is coming over to learn how motorsport park rallying can be done.

Extreme: Over 90 sweeping turns in this event(s), challenging, technical, a few jumps, radical shortcourse into the stage road. These roads were designed by rally organizers and the roads have even designer dirt (hardpacked).

We have:

Racetech SWRC Overall Championship on the line...
Bilstein Cup Championship can go to anyone...(must have some Bilstein product on your car will check at tech inspection)
Lucas Oil 2WD Championship
PR Lighting Solutions 4WD Championship
Desert Class Challenge Championship determined at this event the winner! Plus a contigency of over $200.00 going to the winner!
Individual Class Winner Championships that will include Rally Production and Rally GT (back in for people who likes those classes) and Rally 2, Rally 5, Rally Open, Rally Super Pro, Rally Open Limited.

Dash for Rally Cash points event...which starts with Mendocino Rally and points continue to add up at Arizona Extreme and then to Seed 9...over $600.00 plus at stake to be given at the SWRC banquet plus trophy to driver and co-driver. This is coming from one of our sponsors!!!!

Also given out Optima Batteries Gift Certificates, Lucas Oil Product, Team O'Neil Rally School points for a over $2000.00 school certificate. Scrubblade Wiper Blades gift certificates...We are talking over $3500.00 worth of prizes to be given out between this event and Mendocino Rally and AER and Seed 9 Rally. We are working on another sponsor to bring some exiciting things to the table for you competing at AER.

Early Bird Entry Fee which the deadline was this past weekend! Well, we have extended it to this Saturday ONLY _July 19th. So if you want to pay a deposit of $287.50(check, money order) now after entering (also you can charge it as well through pay pal). Then make the final installment by August 16th to keep the Early Entry Fee entry. (All on the event website about payment and you can do the Bill Me Later Plan...where you can pay by installments through Bill Me Later)...so alot of options there for you.

Early Entry Fee - $575.00 (deadline- July 31st)
Standard Fee - $625.00
Late Fee - $675.00

I can not make it any easier on payment and within your budget. Plus some exciting competition we had last year with Andy Kingsley winner last year, Cameron Steely, Ray Piloto, John Black, the list goes onward....

So get your butt in gear and sign up and more information will be coming up on event website after we get to Kingman this weekend to get more updated scheduling, etc for you.

Tenative Event Schedule

Thursday - Opening volunteer and competitor registration late in the day.
Friday - Volunteer and Competitor Registration, tech inspection, recce, time for you to eat and rest if needed and then comeptition starts around 7:00 PM...just like Seed 9 Rally!
Saturday- Competitor Registration and tech inspection for Sat Only Teams, recce for them really early and then right into the 1st leg of compeition and then a lunch break and then late afternoon competition. Awards later back at the hotel.

Love to have all rally and off-road teams to come out and enjoy a weekend of rallying!

Any questions; contact us on event website or denise at southwestrallyseries.com

Denise McMahon

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