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Ok rumor has it Doug failed his typing test and won't be made Sue's secretary.Insiders also speculated that Doug stiring her coffee with a greazy #2 philips screwdriver and using saddle soap for creamer had more to with his not being hired than his lousy typing.
So please list your Name , qualifications and reasons you feel qualified for the job.I have left my application as an example

Tom Grossmann

Typing; If you ask nice , maybe.

Education; Masters Degree from Star Bucks School of Coffee making with a minor in donuts.

Work Experiance; none , I spend most of my day at work on Rally Forums so I might as will make it a career.

Additional Qaulifications; Lets face it ,I have and will wear womens clothing if need be. Not to mention I look better in it than any other applicant. (you lot haven't got a chance)
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