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Here's the quick update via Christian (who might jump in with corrections).

The PRB is going to have Christian and I get the active (and I assume prospective?) H competitors for 2004 to "sign a gentleman's agreement" (hey I'm no gentleman!) for the proposal, which the PRD (the Dept, i.e. Sue) will publish. They won't be formal rules, but it isn't like we spent all of 2003 protesting each other. Perhaps we can call them "Appendix H Competitor Guidelines"?

On the specific issue of ProRally eligibility, again, we think we might propose a more practical solution which would be that you could run Gp2 in Pro, H in club (just like today) but not have to display the (2) sticker. I think it would help the class identification and image to just show the (H).

This stuff is really administrivia; Christian thinks he and Sue can deal with a lot of this stuff directly without it getting stuck in PRB land - most of whom readily admit they are not historic rally experts.

I think this is a very practical and realistic outcome to the proposal.


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> Christian (who might jump in with corrections).

Well, that might as well be my name.

Basically, the outcome is what Glenn stated.

As the 2004 rules state that "compliance with Historic Class rules will be enforced among Historic Class competitors," and since there seems to be broad-based agreement on Glenn's prior proposal, we have asked Glenn to propose a set of regulations that the class competitors can agree upon and endorse prior to Sno*Drift.

We will ask that the current and prospective H-class competitors agree to these regulations, sign them, and forward them to SCCA. (I'm thinking one clean email, and a faxed hard-copy with signatures.)

SCCA will then publish these as the competitor-determined advisory regulations (competitor guidelines) for 2004, which will serve as a guide to eligibility.

If these regulations are succesfully administered and adhered to during 2004, the PRB will consider them for inclusion into the 2005 PRRs.

I hope this is satisfactory to the majority of H class competitors. Have a great 2004!

Any questions should go to me (administrative) or Glenn (proposed regs).

- Christian

Bjorn Christian Edstrom
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