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Is anyone going up to the High Desert Trails Rally this weekend that is still in need of a hotel room?

I've booked a non refundable room that I will no longer be needing. I'm volunteering for the HDT rally and was going to stay the night in Rdgecrest and do the Rallycross the following day. But yesterday my rallycross car snapped a timing belt so no I have nothing to drive in the rally-x and so no reason to stay the night in ridgecrest. My loss could be your gain.

I paid $100 to book this room and was wondering if anyone wanted to take it from me at a discounted rate.

The room is at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Ridgecrest (104 East Sydnor Avenue
Ridgecrest, CA 93555). This is the hotel right across the street from the Marriot where the rally is starting from.

Call Justin @ 818.264.9029 if interested.
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