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My membership and license runs out the end of February 2005. Saturday I received my renewal notice.

- It tells me the price of my PRORALLY CO-DRIVER license ($150).
- It asks me to check a box for my primary interest in SCCA (Pro Rally is one of the options).
- Enclosed is my "Race Official License Application" (I am a regional starter).

What is NOT enclosed:
- A rally license application.
- Anything telling me about Rally America, or that SCCA has dumped us.
- Any sales spiel on WHY I might want to renew my membership.


press on,

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Got mine too and they wanted $200 from me, I guess because they erroneously gave me a driver/co-driver license last year but, didn't charge me the extra $50. Like you said, what are they thinking, are they trying to collect the extra license money without issuing the license.

Could believe that until Jan 1, they are still in the license business but, why would anyone want to renew a license that SCCA can't even issue. One positive though, they finally put all of the forms and the renewal in one envelope saving I don't know how much money due to duplicate mailings from the past.

I am planning on renewing but, concerned that they will charge my credit card for the $200 for the non-existant license.

Anyone from Topeka want to provide info on this?????

David Weiman
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Same Old, Same Old.

Got Mine Too.

I do not plan to be an SCCA member unless I need to be.
- I'll pay extra autocrossing this summer.
- I'll pay extra rallycrossing this summer.
- I'll even pay extra to circuit rally if they allow non-members to compete(and if they find a bunch a schlepps to organize the events).

I know there are a few people who still have the warm fuzzies for the SCCA, but I never have. I have great respect for many members of the SCCA, and even a very select few of the staff. It does not change the SCCA's continued failure at being a club, at being a business, at listening to its memebers, at listening to its stockholders.

SCCA National is not a club, and it is not a good business, it has never had enough equities for me to forgive its inequities. I have been a memeber by force. I have tried to contribute but with little success.

I'd rather pay extra to the local groups organizing the events I like to play in, than give the SCCA national offices any additional funds.

Some viewed the SCCA discontinuation of Rally as abandonment, I Smiled in the Joy of Freedom.

Merry Christmas,

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You were expecting?
Buahhh haaa haaaa haaaaa haaaaaaaaa!!!!!

I will GLADLY pay the additional dough to whatever manner of LOCAL folks who are putting on an event to NOT be supporting SCCA.

2005 is looking good sofar!!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Happy New year too.....

John Lane.

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It's all in the details

Somehow I suspect it's nothing as sinister as a bogus revenue stream, but rather a timing issue. The official announcement wasn't made until very late in the year, and IT staff (or whomever controls the automated renewal program) probably wasn't informed until shortly before, thus not giving them time to update the programs.

Or maybe it wasn't deemed worth the effort--the rally guys simply wouldn't renew their licenses, so why expend energy when the problem goes away in a year? Come to think of it, there are some pretty archaic codes for license types still in the system that probably haven't been used for years, so I suspect rally licenses will be the same.

As for the printouts with checkboxes, etc, it's cost effective to use up the old stock before mailing out the new.

It would have been nice to have a RA flyer included for us rally types, but their answer would likely be "it was announced in SportsCar, SCCA's official publication."

All in all, I'd say this is a non-event. It's good that at least RA is getting mentioned in SportsCar.

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RE: It's all in the details

John, you are such a nice guy.

Why don't we send Topeka some coal this year ?
Didn't get my renewal yet maybe they know what my reaction may be.

Happy holidays everybody.

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