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>I noticed on the website they dont mention spectating. I
>think in the past ive had to dig the stage maps out of the
>organizers to get to some spectator spots. Any chance someone
>has some info to pass on before I make the drive up there this

I know a thing or two about the event.

The spectator guide is finished, and is being distributed locally this weekend. I expect it will appear on the web site shortly. I apologize for the lack of info on the web site, but it is my fault for not getting more info to the webmaster.

Please feel free to PM me at ben at specialstage dot com with any questions. I can also give you my cell number if you send me an e-mail. We really do want to see spectators at the event, but there is nobody to blame but me for the lack of info.

We can certainly also use more volunteers, like any other rally, if anybody wants to e-mail me as well in that context.

Plans are coming together well, and I think it is going to be a very impressive weekend of rally competition. Three days, 127 stage miles over 19 stages, lots of spectating opportunities, close battles at the front... It should be a great weekend!

Thank you for your interest in Oregon Trail 2005.

Oregon Trail Rally
ben at specialstage dot com
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