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In a year marred by interferance, Non-good faith strong arming of Organisers and subsequent withdrawal from the series, on the fly rules making such as the "Insta-local-homologation now you're legal but now you're not" shenanagins, summary exclusions on the spot in clear violation of the printed rules, protests carried thru without teardown bonds in violation of the published rules, making up wierd, stupid MORONIC 5 event rule such as no other Motorsports body has requirements for, ´The whole Wild West Scandal, and resulting impasse (OK, a couple of you PRB guys have had the balls to attempt something, congrats and thanks, really. And don't give up you two!), then the bizarre strange ignoring of his own stupid 5 year rule, I see one thing looming central, and it is embodied in the tone of this thing below from way back when this guy was hired to supposedly be the Media and Promotion guy.

This is supposed to be a resumé, I think. It is in it's essence mere hype,and bragging, especially the bit about having the chops to get jobs done.


I think the man has been given enough time. He has showwn himself to be a tool of the Manufacturers Council, he has shown himself to be abrasive, and ready to blame others for his over-promising and under delivery (jeeze maybe he could get a job hypping Micrö-söpht junk).
When he wades in the results are not so much controversial, but stupid. Remember the reports from Cherokee trails?

Now so of you guys seemingly hate my guts. Fine, I don't give a råttas arsle, but to even you guys, I am not the problem, forget me.

The problem is we has a structure with an impossible to reach, unaccountable, un-removable man who has shown disregard and contempt for the wishes and desires of all but a tiny handful of unknown people.

This man is indifferent that you, EVEN YOU guys that hate my guts, may never have a chance to take part in those events that you now spend your time driving to to work or organise, except as filler, warm bodies, extras for the "crowd" scenes maybe.

His "Vision" is hallucinatorily vague, the skills and the abilities to acheive it are lacking.

We collectively, aren't ready, the cenral SCCA structure is bumbling even for amatures, to think there is a structure ready to do Professional events is absurd. Remember, there isn't even electric eye timing that those silly cone-squishers have.Regional (Club) events in Canada produce more Prizes and "cargo" than the best US "Pro" events.
Some Canadian Regional Events produce quicker and more legible results than any US events.

Let's save some face and say Spitzner was a visionary before his time, and I think it's long past time for him to end things and split

Really, it's not about you Kurt, it's about us.

We're not worthy.

John Vanlandingham
Seattle, WA. 98168

Vive le Prole-le-ralliat
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