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I had already posted some info a month-or-so back in the NWR section of the forums, but it's probably time I shared this with the rest of the boards as well.

Launching this May is Northwest Auto Sports Magazine. Our debut issue features a guide to TSD, Club and Pro Rally in the Pacific Northwest. We also have some new car reviews, columns, coverage of Autocross and Rally events, show pictorals and a review of Colin McRae Rally 3.0 for the Xbox. A little something for everyone.


We're taking subscriptions online right now for $19.95/yr (6-issues). Alternativly, you will be able to pick up a single copy from magazine retailers (Fred Meyer, 7-11, Rite Aide, Etc.) throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and (possibly) California and B.C starting with our first issue.

We also have a decent Web site for those that want to keep tabs on what's happening in the Northwestern US. It features forums, user photo-galleries, articles, and stuff: http://www.nwautosports.com

For fans of Ben Bradley (aren't we all?) he's a contributing columnist to NWAS as well, and has some ink in the first issue.


Ryan Douthit, Publisher
Northwest Auto Sports

(edit: added the cover pic)
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