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I have access to E85, E98, and Fuse Race Fuels (did a group buy last year, worked out well!).

I can get E85 and E98 at $325cdn/barrel (205L). You won't be able to buy it cheaper in Canada! I also have been working on a price list for another Fuse Race Fuels groupbuy, this is delivered in Alberta, everything all in cdn dollar pricing:

Fuse 100 $565
Fuse 105 $590
Fuse 110 $610
Fuse 114 $650
Fuse 116 $725

Fuse 100OE $590
Fuse 105OE $625
Fuse 110OE $650
Fuse 114OE $690
Fuse 116OE $1025

Just like before, I am doing this so I can get some cheap fuel myself. The E85/E98 is actually locally sourced, but I am doing a trip down south soon to pick up more Fuse Race Fuel. Trailer is already 3 barrels full for myself, if people are interested, let me know [email protected] or PM on here works.

List of people saying they are in!

1. Trackman x 4 barrels of E98

2. Never x 4 barrels of E98

3. Turbo Dario x 2 barrels of E98

4. Ryan off Facebook x 3 barrels of E85

5. Kelly off Facebook x 1-2 barrels of E85

6. M3Gusta x 3 barrels of E98
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