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The rally group American Rally Cross is slating a door to door grass roots rally cross taking over where rally america has cancelled the series, New venue has been added to the schedule.
Pocono Raceway October 26th 2013, we are looking for racers, volunteers and spectators. We are currently negotiating with NASA or SCCA, for sanctioning, whom ever has a better deal that will help the series and support growth. either way the event will go forward.

The event will be held on the south side courses, including turn one on the main track, 2 the infield courses, part of pit lane, the garages a classroom, and the Sunoco fueling station.
There will be a Friday night tech inspection including a camp out stay over night and the rules will be a prepared car as if it was a NASA or RALLY-America Stage Rally depending on the sanction. head lights optional. The 4 classes will be 2WD limited, 2WD super, AWD limited, AWD super, and maybe a co-driver class. the event will be run with qualifying laps time for starting order, 3 heat races for position in the main events. Lunch brake and

The Details and Sanctioning Body is being worked out so the rules package will be released As soon as possible, It will be similar to the 2012 series and will post the past rules upon request. for any one who needs. Sponsors and Vendors are welcome please contact me for Information.
you may contact me by leaving a comment, or [email protected]

Thank You
will see you there

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Very cool...any events prior to October this year?

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no and the event has been secured for October 26th 2013 we are looking for racers and volunteers we will be sanctioned by NASA this year. working on a 2014 schedule

I don't know what 100K left is
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Any further word on this? How many entries? Schedule?

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follow up on the AmRC Rally-Cross

http://www.americanrally-cross.com/ mailto:[email protected]

Hello all

The AmRC is 10 days away and counting.
Thank you for supporting the first AmRC event at Pocono.
This takes allot of support from many. We are very appreciative proud to make this happen.
On our face book and web site you will see the logos of our supporters that are helping us
grow the grassroots racing. This event has a lot to offer. 60 miles of of chalinging laps at pocono,
garages with electric and lights for, food, fuel, and overnight camping available in
the Pocono infield. come and join us. The event is sanctioned and insured by Rally America.
This is an AmRC event. And we are proud to be hosting it at a prestigious venue.
We have finish awards and prizes, like a new racing steering wheel from Driven Steering. And will be prsented
immediately following the event at Murphy’s Loft a few miles from track on way to interstate.
Photo opps in the Pocono Victory Lane and a video movie of the entire day so make sure you get your interview in.
Volunteers all over the location for safety and many photographers will be spread out to catch the action.
The rules are simple and the action is intense this is grassroots racing the track is wide the competition will be close.
The fans can see 80% of the course. Please consider pre ordering tickes, shirts camping or
entering the event if you have not done so.
these links below will navigate all the information you will need.
Please pass this around to help promote our event.

Get there early gates open to the public at 7:00AM
bring chairs blankets or a conopy what you can carry.

Spectator Tickets and Camping Registration

AmRC Store Click Here

Register you car so you can park on the paddock
in a designated area or near your workstation

Vounteer Registration Click Here

Volunteer Jobs

Track Map

AmRC Store Click Here

To Compete Please be certain you have completed all the steps to finalize
your Paid registration With confirmation.
Before late entry starts on the 20th of October.
all the information is as follows

For the car and saftey and event
Rally Cross Rules RA 2012

Supplemental Regulations updated 10/13/2013

To Register
all drivers must complete a Drivers Registration
Driver Registration Click Here

If you do not have a Rally-America Competitors license
please fill out the AmRC License form.
License Application Click Here
http://www.americanrally-cross.com/secure/American Rally-cross License.pdf

To finalize your registration please Pay your entry fee, transponder rental, License if applicable
add the appropriate items to your cart.
AmRC Store Click Here

Regular registration ends on October 19th.PM,
and late registration begins till the
Online registration closes October 25th at 9pm.
it is the best way to register.
thank you for your support, and for participating,
We appreciate the effort of the many tasks you had to do to registar, and set up your car.
Our next event will have an easier go of it and a more friendly web experience.
Your feedback is recommended
questions concers can be directed to the contact info at the bottom
I am excited to see you at the race Good luck.

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