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This guy, AMC lover in Finland, did a HUGE job. I like it.
I never knew how much AMC was involved in off-road racing. I got to know a little bit about AMC racing history by fellow rally guy, Michael Noval of LA area, (who had insane powerful INDY V8 powered Gremlin!) and we rallied at same time.

Same with James (Jim) Garner. The guy was really involved.

Story in Finnish but great pics to anyone; https://amccf.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1592206193/all

Info about INDY V8 projects. I wonder if Dick Turner used any of this?

- I'm a gear head and still love to learn more, specially about engines. I love big power American V8s!

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Topi, that is an awesome thread that I can't read but as you know a picture tells a thousand words.

I remember James Garner involved in Off road racing as well as road racing, he really got the bug after the movie Grand Prix.

I believe James Garner also drove a Toronado shortened up like the Buzzard Brothers in the Baja race - a 455 Front Wheel Drive beast.....

I love the photos of the transport vehicles back in the day!

Good times.

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