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>You may have just given me an idea for my Senior Statistics
>project! :) Though I wouldn't look at speeds and such as I
>don't think that speed averages are an important part of
>rallying. But # of rallies, series info, average entrant
>numbers, number of rally schools, cost of the schools, would
>all be interesting info. The really hard part would be
>using this ranking each variable to determine the countries
Add in number of miles to get to an event. Or make that kilometers if desired. :)

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RE: Because I can

The original plan called for around 78 stage miles if I recall and that is what the coefficient is based upon. What happened to some of the miles is a question only the organizers could answer and really most of us could probably care less about. Day 1 there was around 67 miles I think but the cancellation of stage 2 brought that down to around 53-54. Thanks for the post John with at least some arguments included. I agree with some of what you said in it and support the current idea that starting drivers should be required to run a min. number of events in a NA 2WD car before they are able to run in a turbo AWD car. I stick by my opinion that people that were not there shouldn't comment on a particular stage be it a discussion forum or not if they have no personal experience with the stage. I'm sure the stage with 90 mph average in Finland is a very fun and challenging stage so baseing an opinion on a stage, or in some cases, an entire rally, off of no personal experience and strictly based off of the average speed is a ludicrious proposition. Now if anyone wants to send me a blank disc I'd happily send them a copy of the in-car from SS7 at Cog. Driver average was around 55 with some time lost due to hood pins not being latched and having to pull over and get it closed (lost ~60-120 secs.) after it flew open.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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