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RE: Because I can

>Routemasters have been choosing, and safety plans written
>and approved for stages that allow far too high average
>speeds to be reached by far too many inexperienced
>Now the fact that the total milage for the Cog event was way
>under the minimum for a National Championship event, that's
>been glossed over.
>John Vanlandingham
>Seattle, WA. 98168

I think these two points explain the real problem, which is a lack of attainable roads in certain geographic areas. Not everyone is blessed with a plethora of tight, twisty, challenging mountain roads just minutes from town like you guys are in the PNW. There are groups of rallyists all over the country who want to race, but can't afford to truck all the way to the PNW, or Northern MN, or wherever. So, they find the best roads they can in their area, put as many together as they can find, or the gov't will allow, and put on a race. You can argue about it being a Pro event, but keep in mind that this is a NATIONAL championship, and therefore can't be limited to one or two geographic areas. We do the best we can with what we've got, and nobody is forcing anybody to go. If a guy is talking smack about fast he is at Cog, he'll get his commupance at OFPR or OTPR.

Every race has it's challenge. Snodrift has snow. Rim has waterbars. STPR has a nasty crown. Maine has choking dust. Ojibwe has thick trees. Cog has rocket fast speeds. Hmm....looks good to me. If you can win the championship here, it means you can run on anything. Except tarmac, which is a whole nuther argument... :)

BTW, where I live in North East WI the entire friggin area is layed in a mile square grid. "2000...90 left, 2000....90 right...caution cows inside...."

Dennis Martin
[email protected]
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