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>I wouldn't compare US rallying to anything in the rest of
>the world. You were the one who did. I was just pointing
>out that just like we have rallies and stages that can
>average high speeds, so do they. You original post seemed
>to imply that all WRC events had low average speeds and that
>we are "so much better" because we can have faster speeds
>which is a falacy. We suck compared to the rest of the

This place is such a laugh a minute, I love it. So much reading between the lines goes on before clarification that comments about 1 fast stage quickly evolve into these hilarious 100+ comment bonanzas, which then spawn their own little spinoff "Whip 'em out" threads.

Let's see some real numbers!

-#1 country in the world for rallying, by some standard.
-# of rallies held in that country. Number of entries per rally.
-Average speed of entrants over all rallies. Standard deviation.
-Comparisons to US rallies.
-# of people who even care about this! A direction would sure be nice, but who will steer you there? 2 sanctioning bodies with no true national series? Why does it work so much better everywhere else? I mean, even a tad further north things seem a bit greener (nationally)! So many questions, but who has the answers! Anybody? Batman?

Oh SS.com, what would I do without you?

Patrick "Taking the train waaaaaay off the tracks, yet again!" McVeigh
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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