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Why I Like American Rally


I was told this weekend my reply on another thread was over the top and terse when I was really just aiming for playful and fustrated. If taken the wrong way I apologize. If you got it the way it was meant, good.

So, since this seems to be yet another thread about the same thing let me try again.

Instead of going off on a Kerryesque manifesto about what you do not like about American Rally give us what do you like. Buried in all the emotion and superflous detail it is not readily evident to me.

Let me start,

I LIKE... most of the people who race (commeraderie)... the organizers who suffer with the competitors who selfishly don't help the sport, locals who are status quo about road usage, and give their time, money, and selves in an effort to further the sport...SS and the enviroment that it created that has spawned a viable spec class and low cost rwd movement without no stinkin' sanctioning bodies (all about the people so far)... the fact Rally is thought of as the craiziest form of motorsport by just about everyone else in the U.S. who race anything (even though it's all about control,flow and pace)...it's a TEAM in the cockpit not just ego and technique...and most importantly the friend in the car and the friends who keep it together.

The stuff about notes vs tulips = evolution. Blind vs. Recce is about insurance premiums. Fast as you will and straight is a function of the terrain. 4WD blown monsters and the cars most can afford to run is about the error of mixing Pro and Amatuer on the same course. These are realities that cannot be worked out in a couple of weeks, months, or years on a message board. (not that it should not be discussed and tried but keep your shirts on) Instead of tearing down what do you want to seen built?

Parse away.

1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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