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Not having a "rally fix" for quite some time, I called Jim Gill to see if I could come up to help out wherever he needed me for Rally Colorado. Of course he said "come on up!"
I arrived on Thursday and was immediately put to work helping set up the parc expose area for Friday evening. I was amazed at the amount of work required to do that seemingly benign task. We finally got it completed just in time for the arrival of the cars and competitors Friday evening.
At the parc expose there was a tent set up for volunteer sign-up and again I was amazed at the huge line that lasted most of the evening. There were literally dozens of people signing up to help with the rally itself.
On Saturday morning, all of these folks met in Hayden at 6:00 AM to receive their assignments and final instructions. I was assigned to one of the most knowledgeable and helpful stage captains I have ever met: Mike Gebault (I hope I didn't mess his name up too bad). He (as well as all of the other stage workers I met) displayed an incredible amount of caring and concern for ALL of the competitors, and the need to do everything by the book, from the first car to the last.
I know from first hand experience the amount of work it takes to field a rally car, and now I have a far greater appreciation for all of the effort it takes in the background to ensure a fantastic experience for the teams.
So I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jim Gill and all of the volunteer teams he put together to make this rally a fantastic experience for all involved.

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I first went to Cog in 2003 with Steve Bis as a volunteer. Having to get up at 5 am, go out to the stages 3 hours before the cars would be coming through, having to fend off the local hunters who drive the road everyday, having to endure the boredom of delays, the hot sun, etc. gave me a real appreciation for all the volunteers! It was awesome to see you at so many controls throughout the weekend. It's nice to see people you know and like.
Thanks to all volunteers, organizers, etc!!!
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