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Well, this was the first summer in many years where I spent the 4th of July in the states, instead of at Baie.

Being American (and here, note: what could be MORE American than thin beer, fat sausage, and grossly indulgent multi-million-dollar fireworks displays? ahh good times!) it has always been a slightly bittersweet holiday. For like, the 10 seconds during which I feel guilty for being hundreds of miles from home, and not-sitting on the back porch with my relatives... which seconds luckily pass very quickly between rotating tires, replacing head gaskets, getting konked on the head with a tire iron, etc.

This year, I missed Baie for work-work (as vs. "car-work" crewing, which is of course not Work at all...) and have regretted it for a month.

Luckily, ACP to the rescue:


Thank you Andrew, for another great year (so close! twice!) and an extraordinary weekend together in New Hampshire. Using my new powers of LFB modulation, I did in fact NOT wreck my rental car on the way home. Though I gave it a good college try! ;-)

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