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This ain't no ordinary TSD, bear with me.

The results for the 5th anniversary edition of the Lanark Highlands Rally are posted on the event webapge.


My hearty congratulations to all winners and finishers, and those who didn't finish, but were brave enough to be there on the day. A total of 29 teams plied the roads with skill and determination. Some were so enamoured of the route they even left a part of themselves out there. ; )

The three top Expert winning scores were under a minute, a very tight battle between the usual suspects (ACP, Bartman, Vanos), two being previous winners of this event. ACP felt it necessary to resuce last year's winning score of 0.2 and CLEANED all controls. And I can now honestly say, I have never seen so many gravel tires at a TSD.

Once more the Lanark roads took their toll on several navigators. We praise the drivers on these drivexes, but what with all my crazy CAS changes, and the those world class rollercoasters, winning navigators have their work cut out for them and equally deserve the praise (I have a feeling all Marc Goldfarb says to Andrew is "slower"). What really impresses me is that after all that they even have the energy to file scoring inquires at the finish!

There were no Quiet Zone violations. Thank you all for protecting the sport.

None of this can happen without the army of volunteers, some who travel great distances to deprive themselves of a good night sleep. I say that without them you might as well go drive around the bush on your own time, and for free. Only the workers can make it a rally. Thank you all for your support and dedication to an event that MCO has worked hard to create over the years. I always feel humbled by the workers, the backbone of rally. Special mentions go to Evan Gamblin, Glen Clarke, Robert Roaldi, Jim Morrow, Jean MacGillivray, Mike Kelly, the Lanark North-Leeds ARES Group, Al Ross, Steve Carrick, and Ross Wood, the nice OPP officer, and Brent at the Silver 7.

Finally thanks to Doug Woods (Rallymaster for the 1974 Rideau Lakes) for addressing the drivers meeting. A long drive from home for a short speech, but one competitors really appreciate!

Thanks all,
Craig Hamm
Organiser, Lanark Highlands Rally, 2003-2005, (2006 ORRC)
Motorsport Club of Ottawa

** Any competitor or volunteer that did not receive the commemorative rally plate (the event webpage masthead) with a blank space for your own car number) please email me and maybe we can hook up at Tall Pines or other.
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