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Here's his press release:

Yokohama Boisvert Mitsubishi Lancer and Comrie-Picard
not to Compete at Defi Ste. Agathe

Blainville, Quebec - The second place competitors in
the Canadian Rally Championship will not be competing
at the Rallye Defi Ste. Agathe this coming weekend.
Driver Comrie-Picard and co-driver Marc Goldfarb were
very disappointed to deliver the news.

"It's a combination of factors, really" said
Comrie-Picard. "Defi is one of our favourite rallies,
but the logistics and the money mean that it is more
intelligent to focus elsewhere."

Comrie-Picard recently was cast as the host of a new
television show for Global Television in which teams
of mechanics compete to out-prepare tuner cars on a
limited budget and strict time constraint. "The
filming of the pilot episode conflicts with the second
day of the rally. Given that I've been able to bring
some of my sponsors to the show and that the show
provides me with income - rather than the expense of
the rally - means that I can't pass up the
opportunity" said Comrie-Picard.

Few people in the rally community know that
Comrie-Picard had a previous career in theatre, and
wrote a musical that was produced in France in 1994.
He continues to study acting at Circle in the Square
Theatre in New York City.

Marc Goldfarb commented: "If everything else had been
in place I think Andrew might have still tried to do
the rally, but we've had a difficult time finding a
replacement steering rack for the one we broke in half
at the Maine Forest Rally, and additional expenses
have piled up. We're going to take a deep breath, and
rejoin the Championship chase in the next round." It
is the first Canadian Championship rally that the team
has not competed in since late 2001, making theirs the
longest current run of unbroken participations amongst
all of Canada's leading teams.

"It's a bit of a shame as we've done some recent
testing and the car's set up is perfect. The DMS
suspension settings and Yokohama tires are both right
on target, and my confidence in the handling is great.
We'll just save it up for the next rally, when we'll
have power steering too!" said Comrie-Picard. "The
team's been terrific about it - obviously they're
disappointed, but they understand the situation" he

It appears unlikely that the team could overhaul
Patrick Richard for the overall Championship lead in
2004, and the team is confident that with the two
remaining events they can still finish second overall.
Also their position in second in the North American
Rally Championship appears secure, and Richard has
already acquired the maximum number of points in that

Comrie-Picard grinned: "Patrick gets 2004. We'll take
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