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Wait! Don't they all have AWD cars? Ford has Jaguar (and Euro Focus, or Foci, if they wanted), GM has some money into Subaru, & lesse, doesn't Daimler Chrysler have some AWD's, like 4Matics, & AWD Caravans?
Don't you think Rally's impediment to popularity is the fact spectators can't watch a whole event from a seat in an arena? And you need more camera's to televise it than roundy-round racing? Oh, and it's harder for many US fans to follow if they don't see all the competitors crowding the same turn at the same time?
Face it - US sponsors already have ways to quantify the value of money spent on NASCAR, and other current race series, and so don't feel a need to jump into another series they perceive as low profile, yet.

>But, Untill the big three, (or two and a half, depending on
>how you look at DaimlerChrysler) offer us a mass produced
>AWD CAR, they don't have a hope of winning the domestic
>Nick Polimeni
>'71 Volvo 142E (daily driver/RallyCross)
>"Give me ambiguity, or give me something else!"
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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