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To bring a little bit more interest in Rally since the factory are out, how about we create a team championship.
The rules will be simple:
- Maximum of 2 cars enter per team
- Car could be from different class and make
- You can have different team mate at each race.
- Point will be rewared up to 20th
- team can pick up 2 new drivers at every races

For the privateer who doesn't have the money to run 2 cars, he can team up with another racer. If you can't found somebody to team with you for the all Pro season, you can take a local racer at any pro event or a guy who just do a select number of Pro rally.

It will be kind of replacing factory team by privateer team. It will not cost anybody more money, but it could be easier to found SPONSORS.

Stupid or not?

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I think the whole idea of driving all over the HUGE Gawddam CONTINENT for s eseries of short events and making a big thing out of the series is a long term silly thing with the low participation, and low level of driving typical at so called Pro events.
If there were assistance in getting to the eevents, "travel expense" or "start money", and no silly entry fees (this is how it worked for me in France for 2 seasons) then more people might be able to consder travelling and taking part in the Series.
But currently its dead.

So your team idea, a fun challenge or a 'regional' challenge COULD be fun, but right now I think we are seeing the whole sport collapsing and will need to regroup and rething the whole structure of the sport, including continuing as little minnows in the small pond of SCCA.

C'est dur, heh?

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I think the Team approach is a great idea to increase exposure for a potential sponsor, regardless if there is a "Team Championship".

An innovative person could "partner" with another person to form a multi car team at any event, or for an entire season. I have considered this many times, as with ANY business, it reduces costs by the economies of scale.

Especially a two or three car "team" that a national sponsor could have a car/team that competes in different regions(West Coast, East coast), that gives national exposure, while the competitors only drive to their respective regional events...

Hmmm... basically, a potential sponsor could have Stephan run a PGT car on the West cost events, and our PGT car on MidWest events...

OR... 2 teams could share use 1 service vehicle, 1 two place trailer, 1 service crew, one fuel bill, one tire bill, etc... sponsor money from 1 sposnor exposure for 2 diffent products (Mtn Dew, Pepsi) on 2 cars...

This is a business model that worked well for Roush Trucks & Trans Am cars while I was there (ie: All Sport / Mountain Dew)

Definately possibilites for people who are willing to do some work. I am willing to talk to someone regarding these possibilities.



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I think it is a great idea. We try to run some of our cars under the team set up. For the Colorado Hill Climb Series we had a team set up of sorts. We brought one tool box, drove to events together, all helped each other out, one grill, one cooler, and split food costs. We also ran two cars at Cog as the Champagne Motorsports team and shared service crew for both teams.
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