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A Statement from SpecialStage.com regarding Ski-Sawmill

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As information regarding the incident occuring this weekend at Ski Sawmill was made aware to us, we made the decission to shut down the forums for a period of time.

This was done out of respect for the friends and family of the individuals involved in this incident. We did not wish someone to learn about a loved one from secondary/heresay source. Hence our decission to shut down the forums for 14 hours.

It is our hope that the readership of SpecialStage exercise additional sensitivity if they choose to discuss this incident now or in the future as family members and friends are likely to be fellow readers.

If you feel the need to discuss our decission regarding the closing of our forums while families were informed, please contact me directly at [email protected], I will be more then willing to discuss this decission off line.

Jeffrey Burmeister
SpecialStage.com LLC

SCCA's Release regarding


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Why don't you want to give too much information about the crash away?
I see. My intention was not to upset anyone, I was just curious as to the reasoning. I'm afraid this sort of thing is bound to attract a lot of questions and the witnesses are going to absorb the brunt of the onslaught. I'm truly sorry for the loss and I hope everyone who was witness can grieve and eventually heal.

As a side note it may be cathardic and it certainly would end a lot of the questioning if someone who witnesed this tragedy were to provide a narrative. But don't do it on my account, this is not something I am requesting.

Godspeed Martin, Pete and Possum.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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