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A special thank you to my service crew

I wanted to give a special thank you to my service crew that worked all day and night to get mycar ready for rim:
Sean (thank you for the cage you did a job that went beyond my own expectations)
DIno (Chief thanks for all the work you really went the extra mile)
Francis (with everything you have to do at school I know what a sacrifice you made to get stuff done yesterday)
Jay (you are always willing to help thanks for keeping our spirits high)
Kevin (without you there would be no wiring)
Walter (Thank you for all the graphics once again very appreciated)
Chris, Paul, and Peter (THanks for being there once again I know that you guys don't have a ton of free time so spending your spare time on my project is more than anyone could expect)
Paul and Rudy (I haven't known you two for very long but you have really come through for me in crunch time)

Well RIm is one day away lets go out and have fun. TO everyone else on I-club and specialstage.com that have helped in any way I could never ask for better support.


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RE: Go for it!!

Good luck, Jeff

Have FUN!

PS. I've many fond memories rallying Starlets - what a nice, nimble, tossable rally car. A bit slow to uphill but coming down - WATCH OUT....

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