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Matt Bushore put this into words and I wanted to share it with those of you who have questions about Group F.

" The primary thing that F has going for is that the competitors, for whatever reason, care enough about rally that they'll scrape together whatever car they can afford to drive, and go out and compete, in spite of their egos and society telling them they need a fancier car, a different hobby, and fame. "

Our class technically isn't that different than G2 but the main thing has been the response from competitors. It makes 2wd NA classes more than just a mandated starting place. It's a sort of homey feeling, like belonging somewhere.


I love what RA has done and I actually feel like we have some momentum again. However, in addition to those efforts I feel we need better overall driving talent to really have a product to showcase. Let's face it, Pat kicking our butts while he's half asleep isn't that exciting. Until we have more talent we can only progress so far. Being honest I think we are getting better but I feel that pushing quickly towards the AWD turbo model is hurting the development of the overall talent pool. We need to help ourselves.

Given that:

1. A large portion of driving talent never gets it's chance due to rally being relatively unknown.

2. The economics of rally further inhibit the inclusion of many potentially talented drivers.

3. The economics of rally inhibit the sustainability of rally for many talented teams.

4. The current model that bloomed under Spitzner was "top down" and lacked substance. Driving skill was something that was to be imported, not developed.

Only a small portion of the talent in the US that makes it into rally is able to clear the financial hurdles to compete consistently.

I feel that most of the best drivers in this country have little or no knowledge of rally and little or no desire to pursue it. So how do we keep the talent that does know about rally and want to pursue it? How do we develop that talent?

It takes a change in our mindset. What can a really talented team do with a G2 car with decently powered car with decent gears, diffs, suspension? It's something that's not completely out of reach for many teams but most upgrade to an AWD turbo car and ditch the 2wd like it was a nasty cyst or something and get themselves into a fix where they can't really afford to race that crazy machine. It takes a desire for substance. That idea is a tough sell. We need to help ourselves.

I feel that once RA gets on it's feet a serious discussion should be held to discuss how to foster the talent we have and attract new talent. I feel that marketing efforts should be put in place to benefit the up and coming 2wd teams, and starter teams. It might not be the most popular thing but I think it would be the best. Here is an example of what I am talking about.


All of a sudden there are teams that are excited about their 2wd rides and have something more to race for.

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>It's something that's not completely out of reach for many teams
> but most upgrade to an AWD turbo car and ditch the 2wd like it was
> a nasty cyst or something and get themselves into a fix where they
>can't really afford to race that crazy machine.

Here here!

2wd and proud of it!

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I think a bit obstacle is the lack of anywhere to practise.... driving a couple of hours once a month (if you're lucky) isn't going to build up that driver pool, and even if there were events every weekend, who could afford it? Somewhere to muck about on the weekend with your buddies with no timing equipment would do wonders.....


PS: greetings from new zealand :)
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