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A New and Better Road Rally in SoCal

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My rallies are very different from most. They are intended to be FUN, without frustrating tricks and traps. If you come out to the Ron Dunlop Trophy Rally, you will find the instructions easy to read and follow. On many rallies, the Navigator is constantly looking down to calculate average speeds and distances. I HATE that. I want both participants to enjoy beautiful roads and scenery. My instructions give you the exact distance to each checkpoint and there is room to pull off on a shoulder in case you get there early. If you do get there late, you can easily take a time delay by hitting a button on the Richta app.

At the Registration, sign up in Novice class. This is for beginners. The most difficult thing you will encounter is to figure out your arrival time to each checkpoint and that is easy. Let's say you are assigned Car #6 at the event. The instructions give you the Car Zero time for each checkpoint. Before the rally starts, you get comfortable at a table and do the quick math. You are supposed to leave the Start at Car Zero Time 2:00 PM. So, add 6 minutes to that and write 2:06:00 PM on your instructions. Go to each checkpoint and do the same thing. You also need to start up the Richta Competitor app on your cell phone and register your car there. The instructions give you detailed information to do that.

A few minutes before 2:06 PM Drive to the Start sign and Zero your trip meter there. Leave on time. Follow the simple turn by turn instructions. Checkpoint 2 is an End ODO check and a Restart. You want to get to Restarts early, stop and leave on time. So you get to the designated sign and compare your car's trip meter mileage to the official*mileage to get an idea what*mileage difference to expect on course. Don't worry too much about that. You reset your trip meter to zero again. You are supposed to leave at CZT 2:17:00 PM. So add 6 minutes to that and leave at 2:23:00 PM.

The next checkpoint is a timed checkpoint. You do not stop at these. It is also a practice checkpoint, so your score there will not count toward the final score. Let's say it is at CZT 2:29:00 PM. You have added your car 6 number to that and plan to pass by the sign at 2:35:00 PM. When you see the designated sign, you have room to slow way down, out of the way of other cars. Creep slowly toward the sign and try to pass your front wheel past the sign exactly on the second. It helps if your wife watches the clock on the Richta app (on your cell phone) and counts the seconds out loud, so you can judge your speed. I have found that I get better scores by passing the sign slowly, maybe about 10 mph. In a few seconds, your score will pop up on the Richta app. After a few checkpoints, you will get a feel for this and your scores will get better. However, if this is your first or second rally, don't worry about scores. Just enjoy the scenery and magnificent roads and wave as you pass other rally cars.

This is a medium length rally, so we will be on the road for about 5 hours. We have 3 breaks with food and restrooms available. We finish at the Lazy Dog Restaurant in Oxnard. (I highly recommend the Cajun Fries!) This spot is good also because there are Tesla Superchargers and regular EV chargers nearby. We will party there, announce the scores and award trophies.


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