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There was actually a little snow and ice on the stages last weekend. Another ice storm was in the forecast for the week but it may be too warm for that now.
Deep loose sand, slippy clay, some standing water, many junctions, and possibly ice or snow will make this rally very challenging.

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Currently the outlook is:
Thursday: rain
Friday: cloudy, chance of rain
Saturday: clearing clouds to sun, mid 50s

A couple years ago it was cold, and it started raining hard on the last stage. For reasons I forget, the last stage was transited. The clay got so slippery that some people thought that it was actually hailing and that the ground was frozen to ice. (The temperature was about 60F) Even at a transit speed of 30mph I nearly went off. Amazingly slippery.

So, it sounds like a brisk day for rallying. But hey, mid 50s is a lot warmer than Sno-Drift!!! :) It's still the South, after all. ;)

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