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1997 Dodge (Plymouth) Neon Rally Car
For Sale is my built 97 Plymouth Neon Rally Car. This is a fully caged and prepped car and is ready to go with a couple tune up items. It has a Rally America log book, and you can use that to run NASA Rally and SCCA Rally Sprints as well. The car was built buy the previous owner who upgraded to an open class Subaru. I have a ton of extra parts which will all come with the car.
The Good:
Engine runs strong and had good compression in all cylinders at last test (last year)
Transmission is solid, drive train is strong, suspension is great,
Comes with a Terratrip intercom system, log book, mandatory safety gear and first aid kit, tow points, racing seats, 5 point harness (expires this year). Tons of little details done right (like quaffe LSD up front, booger bushings in the shift linkage, big throttle body and indy runners with the SOHC engine to have power and durability, LED flood lights hooked up to high beam switch, ect.)
The Bad:
Not much, just needs brakes bled (badly) and fluids changed. May want to change the left rear caliper as its starting to stick
Rear window needs to be replaced or polished clear (Lexan). Bring a trailer.
The Ugly:
It's a little rough of an exterior as the pictures show. The drivers door window will let in a little rain while driving (it's a rally car). Bring a trailer, it starts and runs, but I wouldn't drive it without bleeding the brakes.
The Extras:
7 extra Tires/wheels in dry/gravel/snow tire patterns
Complete transmission with welded spider gear
4 stock struts and coils
Complete coil over set
Lights and exterior parts
Complete front Lower frame brace
Several steering knuckles
Extra rotors, calipers, wheel bearings
Extra SOHC head
Extra half shafts
Extra radiators
Extra interior parts
A bunch more odds and ends.

I'm selling because I'm moving (in military) and will not be able to take it with me. I have a title in hand and am looking for cash. You're not going to find a more ready car with the spares to race all season for this price I promise!!!!
Asking $2000 or best offer

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