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Matt: There is no 'Personal Message' icon for you on SS.com.

Some ideas:
Contact Pat Richard. Last year he rented John Cassidy a Subaru that may not have been his but he played rental middleman and became team principle/manager after he DNFed himself. It was a great learning experience having Pat advise on tires, scoring inquiries, Nat's movement plan, gobs of car setup knowledge,... If you are serious about going overseas, want to learn from someone who has been there and have money burning in your pocket, ask Pat to find you a 2wd car and run Pacific Forest for the recce experience or Rocky on Jemba if you need earlier practice.
Sprongls (4Star) is another good choice if you want to do Baie or Defi which both offer recce. AFAIK, there is a second Suzuki factorycar not being run currently (I could be totally wrong though). Would be another perfect learning experience racing against and being coached by Frank. Hell, forget about going overseas, rent that Suzuki for the entire Canadian season.

Don't just rent any 2wd car and learn nothing from it.

I know someone who may still have their 2wd production car that has recently gotten an open class car and plans on going to Baie. They are currently overseas but I will find out if they are willing to rent when they return.

Good luck.

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Also remember that many of the Western Canadian Rally Championships are 2 pass 'make yer own' recce events.
There might be a couple of 2wd cars that wouldn't normally make the trip to BC out of Alberta or Washington / Oregon that could be had ...

Mountain Trials rally is June 17/18

the 2005 event is here, 06 shouldn't be that much different.


same hosting city as PFR and another 'close' event for Pat

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matt call me I can get you several 2wd drive cars to run on a full recce championship (western canadain) and I can also help you with setup and testing if you want. One of them is nearly new.

604 892 0151

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woohoo! after 2.5 months of not being able to log on, its nice to get back on (Thanks George!), Anyways.

Contact Pat

Come to Mountain Trials
good 2wd turnout at MT each year
in 05 we had 25 cars - 14 were 2wd.

2 pass recce.

see ya in June!
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