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-Hey All,

I'm looking to get rid of my enclosed trailer in favor of an open trailer. From my Craigslist post:

Since Rally Family is Best Family, I'm flexible on price to y'all.

Trailer is located in the Bay Area, CA

Let me know if you want it.

Stephen Benson
[email protected]


Lightly used 2015 Haulmark Passport Trailer outfitted for hauling a racecar and gear/tools/parts. I purchased this trailer new last summer and have put approximately 7200 miles on it. It has been a wonderful trailer. It pulls beautifully, doesn't make any odd noises or vibrations, and has been 100% worry free. The reason why I'm selling it is that I have changed my mind and am looking to swap to an open trailer for next season.

Overall, this trailer is in fantastic shape and has been cared for extensively. I have always checked tire pressures and wheel torques before heading out, the tires have no flat spots, the brakes bite hard, and everything feels 'new'. For reference, the photos on this listing were taken on October 1, 2016.

There are a couple locations where the trailer has received some slight cosmetic damage. The rear left corner has been dragged on a curb, the left front of the V-nose has a dent where it was pinched by the bumper of my truck, and the right front top of the trailer has met the branch of a small tree. These points of damage are really slight, and hardly noticeable.

Exterior Modifications:
-Reese Straight-Line Trunnion Bar Load Leveling and Sway Control Hitch System with low-profile mount for short tongue trailer.(http://www.reeseprod.com/products/w...trunnion-bar/xihofqeC8HIVQN7yFHYCaDTayZjPjumE)
-exterior vinyl will be removed at time of sale.

Interior Modifications:
-Shoring beams for tires over hood
-E track for car tie-downs under wheels
-E track along the walls in key spots
-heavy duty custom shelving for tools, parts, etc with retaining lips to keep everything accessible and secure
-Heavy gauge wire mesh along rear walls for mounting of spare parts with easy access
-Jack and Jackstand storage solution.
-Fuel Can storage solution

Factory Specs: (from this datasheet: http://haulmark.com/images/pdfs/specifications/Passport.pdf)
-Model: PPT85X24WT3
-8.5ft wide, 24ft long, V-nose (OAL 27'6")
-2 5/16 ball hitch
-Diamond Plate Stone Guard
-Tandem 5400lb axles with electric brakes (10,000GVWR)
-16" Studs on center
-3/8" Plywood Walls, 3/4" Plywood Floors
-4x 5000lb recessed tie-down eyelets; two front, two rear.
-Alloy Wheels
-Extra large side door (nice for carrying things in and out of the trailer.
-Extra LED Dome Light
-Breakaway brakes

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