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Ladies and Gentlemen, my second year of running the ProPicks website has drawn to a close. Thanks to everyone who participated, this was an interesting year! I'd like to increase awareness and ease of use for next year, but I have a few months before that is coming up, so let's just get to the results.

Olympus Rally 2012 ProPicks Results
The Overall category winner was Billy Irvin with 20 points
SPGT saw a five-way tie for first between Tom Burress, Mason Moyle, Michael Fennell, Troy Schade, and Allan Dantes, Jr.
2WD was taken by Tory Schade with a 2 point lead over second
The regional bonus was tough to pick, but Robert Lafavor won with 7 points.
Olympus Rally 2012 ProPicks champion is local Billy Irvin with 38 points.

And now... the final championship results:
2012 ProPicks Champions:
Regional Champion: Doug Woods
2WD Champion: Doug Woods
SPGT Champion: Doug Woods (tiebreaker info below)
Overall Champion: Billy Irvin
2012 ProPicks Grand Champion: Doug Woods!

Thanks again to everyone who played. If you have ideas for improvement, send them along (don at demonrally dot com) and I'll try to incorporate them. I have a couple of my own (pick by name, re-design for user-friendliness, facebook login?, facebook app?), but I'd gladly accept more.

Next rally is Sno*Drift 2013!

*tiebreaker info
Head to head SPGT results:
Sno*Drift: Doug = 7, Paul = 9
100AW: Doug = 6, Paul = 6
Oregon: Doug = 4, Paul = 3
STPR: Doug = 5, Paul = 4
NEFR: Doug = 7, Paul = 7
Olympus: Doug = 6, Paul = 6
Doug wins 2, Paul 1, so head-to-head tiebreaker goes to Doug.
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