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Results are in for the 2012 NEFR ProPicks!

Winner of the 2012 NEFR ProPicks is Chris Hastings with 46 points.
Overall category was led by Billy Irvin, Dave Weiman, and Doug Woods, all with 17.
SPGT was led by Chris Hastings, Doug Heredos, and Troy Schade with 8 points.
2WD was hotly contested and after ACP won the tie for third, Chris Hastings, David Weiman, Mason Moyle, and Doug Woods all scored perfect 10's.
The regional category (with the bonus points for the DMack Challenge) was won by Chris Hastings with 15 points.

One rally left to decide it all. Here are the standings going in:

Doug Woods lead the 2012 championship by four points with 206 to Tom Burress' 202. The next competitor has 186, so it's pretty much those guys.

Overall honors are tight between Tom Burress with 77 and Robert Lafavor and Billy Irvin, both with 76.

SPGT is anybody's game, Doug Heredos, Doug Woods and Paul Jaeger are tied with 29 and Troy Schade, Roy Bucher and Don Burress are close behind with 27, 27 and 26, respectively.

2WD is kind of owned by Doug Woods with 45, but Tom Burress, David Weiman, and Doug Heredos are only 6 or 7 points behind.

The regional bonus award could see a last minute upset as Tom Burress leads by only 2 points over Doug Woods, who is 2 points over Alan Dantes, Jr.

Olympus Rally is September 22nd and entries are already showing up on the site. Best of luck to all the competitors on the stages and on the keyboards!

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