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This Lancer Evo X was featured in the rally video game “Dirt”!

Car has about 5 races since the new engine in it. That includes only 2 Rally and 3 hill climbs.

>19,000 miles

Car never had a DNF. Incredibly reliable and strong car well build car. Always finishes on podium. Won 2011 Rally class on Mt Washington Hill climb, Rally NY, Chase of the dragon Hill Climbs rally class/ rally record, Okemo rally class etc.

Has bruises & battle scars, but never a major crash.

-Built and maintained by https://www.rktmotors.com/ (seam welded etc)
-Tuned by http://www.dynoproject.hu/hu/galeria.htm (Gabor Matray)

Beyond the body, very little is stock on the car. Partial mods list include:

-Full roll cage
-Gutted interior
-Rally wheels and tires
-Built engine with Manley H beam rods, CP pistons Cosworth rally camshafts, APR bolts etc. Built for longevity and for higher power tolerance. Stock displacement
-Makes 316 hp and 480 ft/tq at 24 psi peak boost on Sunoco 104 blue race gas. (very safe and strong tune)
-Exedy Twin Disc HD clutch.
-AMS CMC kit with it, brand new just installed, never been raced.
-GEMS PnP standalone ECU, and ACD Ecu ( ACD Ecu also tuned, and tailored for this specific car)
-ZYX gravel brakes
-Reiger Group N gravel suspension, professionally tuned for this car.
-Modified rear diff from Evolution IX (for reliability / cheaper replacement and easier availability). It’s tighter then the Stock IX, revised by RKTmotors. With a modified rear end, and exhaust route.
-Custom center exit exhaust
-Hydraulic hand brake, with adjustable brake force front to rear. No ABS or brake booster.
-Stock transmission, stock open diff front.
-OEM turbo with 34mm Owen performance restrictor plate. http://www.owendevelopments.co.uk/ma...3/Mitsubishi_/
-Peltor intercom

-Extras include:

-Stock turbo with no restrictor on it
-Full sized spare wheel

For more info on the car, please visit: http://harracing.com/

Photo and Video Links:


$39,899 - email [email protected] for questions!
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