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Schedule includes the return of the Olympus Rally as well as two full tarmac events

Indianapolis, IN (July 26, 2005) ? The 2006 United States Rally Championship will be expanded to eight rounds announced championship officials today in Indianapolis. Included will be the return of the famed Olympus Rally in Washington State, as well as full tarmac events in New York State and Tennessee.

The 2006 schedule will begin with the Cherokee Trails International Rally in Tennessee in March. The action will then head north for Rally New York USA in early April. Teams will then head over to the west coast for the Subaru Rim of the World Rally in California in late April, followed by the Olympus International Rally three weeks later in Washington State.

After a summer break, the action will resume in the east with the all tarmac Rally Tennessee over Labor Day weekend, and the all tarmac International Rally New York later in September. Cars will then move west for the final two events, the well-established Prescott Rally in Arizona in October, followed by the season final at the Laughlin International Rally, formerly the Ramada Express International Rally, in Laughlin, Nevada in November.

?We?re excited about the expansion of the schedule,? stated Ray Hocker, one of the Championship organizers, ?Prescott has a long history as a national level event, and the legend of the Olympus Rally is known to everybody in the rally community. We especially welcome the return of this former WRC event after a 14 year hiatus.?

?That?s not to give short-shrift to the eastern events either,? continued Hocker, ?With the two full tarmac rounds in New York and Tennessee, the Championship will be a true test of drivers on all surfaces.?

?USAC is ecstatic at the growth of the series,? added Rollie Helmling, President of the United States Auto Club, ?With eight internationally listed events evenly spread between the east and west, awareness of the sport here in the U.S. will continue to grow in leaps and bounds. The benefit of this growth for competitor and fan alike is immeasurable, and USAC is proud to be part of it.?

?NASA is as well proud of its continuing involvement in this top-level series,? added John Lindsey, Chief Divisional Director of the National Auto Sport Association, ?we?ve been working with many of these organizers since the formation of our Rally Sport arm, and it is nice to see their and our efforts being rewarded and the series expanding.?

2006 United States Rally Championship

Round 1: Cherokee Trails International Rally, Chattanooga, Tennessee
March 17-18, 2006 (Gravel)

Round 2: Rally New York USA, Monticello, New York
April 7-8, 2006 (Gravel)

Round 3: Subaru Rim of the World Rally, Lancaster, California
April 28-29, 2006 (Gravel)

Round 4: Olympus International Rally, Shelton, Washington
May 19-20, 2006 (Gravel)

Round 5: International Rally Tennessee, Linden, Tennessee
September 2-3, 2006 (Tarmac)

Round 6: International Rally New York, Monticello, New York
September 22-23, 2006 (Tarmac)

Round 7: Prescott Rally, Prescott, Arizona
October 6-7, 2006 (Gravel)

Round 8: Laughlin International Rally, Laughlin, Nevada
November 17-19, 2006 (Gravel)

The United States Rally Championship, America?s premier rally championship, consists of Federation Internationale de L?Automobile (FIA) internationally listed events sanctioned by the United States Auto Club (USAC) and presented by the National Auto Sport Association (NASA). More information on the Championship is available at the series website at www.usrallychampionship.com. More information on USAC is available at www.usacracing.com and on NASA at www.nasarallysport.com.


Wilson von Kessler
United States Rally Championship Series
(423) 265-2020
[email protected]

John Lindsey
National Auto Sport Association
(510) 232-6272
[email protected]

Dick Jordan
United States Auto Club
(317) 247-5151
[email protected]


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Post it in the forums or send to the News filter, one of the other.


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>IMO this is mint as crap... (Cool)
Hunh? This must be a new generation expression; could be useful: "Hey dude, you're mint as [carp]....

>But is going to be UBER hard on competitors..
Uber? How so compared to any other national series? The events are at least done as pairs east and west.

Glad to see Olympus and Prescott back.

Mark B.

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I think the Uber Difficulty comes from the Zig-Zag schedule across the country... It's not a loop. That makes it difficult for the teams and their Travel Expenses. (Thank goodness for www.pregrid.com)

I imagine that will stop some teams from doing the WHOLE schedule... but perhaps not. It certainly WOULD be more convenient and cost effective to take ONE lap around the country.


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This is RAD! Cherokee is a blast, Dryad/Shitepoke/Olympia/Wild West is beautiful, Rim is classic- what more could you want? TARMAC! Yes, there is tarmac, too. : )

Live fast, drive faster!
Help get my car off the jack stands and out to Rally NY!

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>All events will have notes available and will allow recce.
>John K. Shirley

Olympus will be one pass recce, Laughlin has been 1 pass in the past I beleive, is it the same for the rest of the championship?

Are any events going to allow 'real' two pass recce?

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Matt Johnston Rally Team quotes

No Mark, it's not a new generation expression, it's one of the many words and expressions unique to the Matt Johnston rally team. After running 3 events with them, I've picked up a little...

mint - (adj.) good, cool, pretty
bunk - (adj.) crappy, busted, bad, stupid, of poor quality
(v.) to mess up
speccies - (n.) spectators
holla - HEY!
uber - (adj.) (GER) super, ultra

"True story" (you're right)
"That's mint as crap!" (the ultimate coolness)
"Pat (Richard) better check his mirrors..."(I feel like going fast)
"Worth an extra 10 seconds a K fo' sho'!" (I just bought myself a Peltor)
"YOU DOWN!?!??!" (Do you need more beer?)
"Nah, it's cool..." (it's completely f'd up)
"Winnin' Champs" (doing well)
"RallyBrat Stategizing" (actually having a plan)
"No worries about settin' a good pace to start, RallyBrat. I'm gonna be goin so fast you're gonna be like 'No RallyMatt! Slow down!' and I'll be like 'No way, RallyBrat' as I slide past some speccies wavin the peace sign out the window, and they'll all be goin' 'holla!'" (No problem, I'll do exactly what you told me to do.)

Hmm...I just hijacked a totally serious thread...Oh well...

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