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Lake George 1969. Tom O'Connor in the two stroke #99 Saab and Ken Watkins in his #19 "Fierce Sparrow" Fiat.

Hello everyone,

As the current VP of the Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club [A.M.E.C.], I'd like to announce an exciting new race class for our 2006 ice racing season. We are a year round motorsports club and have recently celebrated our 50th year of operation this past summer. What we are best known for however is our winter ice racing series on the frozen lakes of the southern Adirondack mountains just north of Albany, NY. We have been ice racing our automobiles on the lakes of New York's Capital district for the past 40 years.

This year we have decided to host a new exhibition class called the "Historic Class" to showcase some of those classic Saab, Volvo, Datsun, Citroen, Chevy, Ford, VW, MG, Subaru, Mini, Fiat, Porsche, etc. ice racing cars like the one's from our past. The new Historic class will be run on the Saturday of the biggest ice racing event of the season, the two day Lake George weekend. There will be an abbreviated schedule for all regular classes to ensure plenty of seat time for your Historic class ice racer. We've already got over a half dozen early Saab 93's and 96's and Sonnetts slated to run, so it will look like 1969 out there all over again! Ann Jones' is bringing her rally car called the "Rotary Rocket", a 1972 Mazda RX2!

This is a very unique opportunity to run these cars with little or no investment. Just like we did in 1965! Rules are very liberal. All you'll need is a helmet, a fire extinguisher, and a number on the door. Although full safety equiptment is welcomed, you don't need a race prepared vehicle to run. I'm bringing my early Datsun B210 street car. We are accepting cars to 1974. This is a chance for you to break out those old studded tires once again! Some '75 to '79 cars may be accepted. Simply contact me at: [email protected] with your request. We run on a 1 to 1.5 mile custom plowed road course, and this will be a contact-free vintage racing exhibition, not a Nascar demo derby.

Click on the link to our message board thread for a detailed description and all of the latest info regarding this new class is at: http://com4.runboard.com/bamecmessageboard.fmainchat.t235].

Please visit the A.M.E.C. website at www.icerace.com.

Thank you,

Michael Kamm
Historic Class Coordinator

[email protected] -> Magnetic Tree
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So Mike, would you let me run my 1979 Arrow in this new class of yours?

Wasn't going to get snow/ice tires for it for the 2006 NER Rallycross season, but this might be tempting enough to make me get some suitable tires for it. }(

Maybe a nice set of tractionized Yokohamas or some nasty studs in Michelin C5s. :p

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