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It's with much sadness that I offer for sale my beloved Evo9MR. We've been together since I bought her new in 2006 - we've had many experiences and long distance trips together. She has never been raced (has participated in a few TSD rally events) and never been modified which is extremely rare for this rare vehicle. The only problems I know about are: the a/c isn't working, the ACD needs to be reset, the wickerbill is missing, and the clear coat on the wing is shot. There are a few body flaws but nothing big.

About 117k original miles. Good tires.

I use to have a bad habit of slipping the clutch at stops on hills but I got over that after I had the clutch replaced (by the dealer) about 9 years ago.

I've certainly driven her at speed on interstates more than a few times but not the type to redline or test the rev limiter / launch control ... so there is still plenty of life left!

We will be at the NASA Empire State Performance Rally in Narrowsburg NY Oct 28 and 29 where you can see her in person or you can see photos:

UPDATE: sorry didn't know the pic link wasn't working. This one should:

https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/szP7w7

Not looking to sell her fast and cheap, looking for offers and a good home. :)
Serious inquires only.
Send me a direct msg.

Thanks for reading.
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