2005 Subaru Impreza - ARA Logbooked Rally Car
Frame VIN: JF1GD70685L517381

Just in time for a Christmas / New Year's gift. Originally built by Steve Czwalga, a podium-proven car in NA4WD class if you've got the guts and the skills. Just recently finished a full repaint in 02C World Rally Blue. Car sounds awesome, get yourself into the 2023 ARA season. Note: I don't have Facebook, if someone can cross-link this to the NA FS/FT group I would appreciate that!

IG - https://instagram.com/gg.rally
Current Album - STPR Asaph (~17.5 min in) -

Only 5 events on current build. The week before my first-ever event the timing tensioner went in the old motor. Went to Rallispec for a full rebuild + had heads done at BMS in Plymouth Meeting. Also used Subaru OEM (not Gates) timing parts in the new setup.
  • RALLISPEC 2.5 ShortBlock - P/N - SOA478H600R1 / S/N - OKSEO12900
  • 175hp dyno'd / PSI tuned (Drunkmann Anthony), Tactrix Open Source
  • Delta 2000 cams
  • Icon Forged Pistons / K1 Rods / STI Crank
  • King XPG Main Bearings
  • Oil Filter - STP 6607 ONLY ONE THAT FITS! (no M108a or 6607XL)
  • 2x (TWO!) JDM 4.44 RA 5-speeds (HR-TY754VB1BA) - These are indeed the best trans out there for the beginner rally-ist.
    • Current trans had a full Rallispec rebuild, has 1 event (STPR 2021)
    • Spare trans has 3 events, was fully rebuilt at Rallispec after a NEFR 2019 thrashing.
  • Group N Trans Mount - D1010FE020
  • Rear Diff - R160 Open
  • Done in 2021:
    • NEW ACT StreetLite Flywheel
    • NEW Exedy Stage1 HD Clutch
    • Throwout / Release Bearing - 30502AA150
    • NEW Fixed/welded trans center mount
  • HELLA + LED hood lighting setup - incredibly bright + flood very well
  • Skidplate - basically bombproof
  • HDPE underbody protection
  • 4x Pittsburgh Pin stands (a necessity for fast service)
  • Jack in rear works w/ a 24mm socket (for speed-jack w/ an impact wrench)

  • JVAB Bilstein 50mm - NEEDS NEW STRUTS!
  • Spare STi suspension set, not currently installed
  • STI Front A-Arms
  • OEM STi Steering Rack - 34110FE600 (brand new in 2021)
  • 1.5x Steering Quickener

  • 4x Blizzaks on Method Wheels
  • 4x Champiro SX2 Summer Tires on Enkei RPF-1 (will come with the right spacers required to run these)
  • All Federal G-10 tires are 195/65/15:
  • 6x BRAID Rally Wheels on Federal G-10s (plenty of tread for an event, like 7-10/32+)
  • 4x Celica GTS wheels on Federal G-10s (plenty of tread, 6-8/32)
  • Tilton Dual Master w/ Balance bar
  • Front - Porterfield R-4 (AP 929)
  • Rear - Porterfield R-4 (AP 1004)

  • Bimarco seats
  • Belts are FIA til 2022, will need replaced for 2023 season
  • Extinguishers - Feb 2020, yearly inspection for 2023
  • ARA Spec Fire Surpression System - installed before STPR 2021
  • ARA Spec Cutoff switch
  • ARA Spec RallySafe kit, just needs installed
  • ARA Spec safety triangles, spill kit

Optional Stuff (Available for Extra / Best Offer)
  • Tons of parts spares like rear trunks, sway bars, struts, timing covers, etc etc.
  • Engine Hoist + Engine Stand
  • Milwaukee Packout system used for Rally Service - thousands of Subaru OEM bolts/nuts/fluids/etc all for this car
  • Torque wrenches
  • Bookbags w/ flashlights, emergency kits, etc.
  • Stilo SA-2015 Helmet (the best)
  • Hans
  • Sparco race Suit (washed after every event)
  • Sparco Gloves

Misc Nuts and Bolt Specs
  • P/S & Alternator Belt - 350-sized (35"-35,1/4") OEM/stock does not fit
  • Head Bolts - 14mm, 12-point
  • Alternator, Intake - 12mm
  • Lugs - 19mm / Oil - 17mm / Trans Oil - 22mm
  • Skidplate - 7/16"x1" or 1.25" - 14 Coarse
  • Exhaust - M10x1.0 studs, 14mm nuts
  • Brake Bleeders - 10mm Front / 7mm Rear

What you'd need for the ARA 2023 Season
  • This car
  • Pick a set of struts
  • Update belts
  • Install RallySafe (full kit is included, wasn't needed for last event)

Located near Philadelphia, PA
Asking $17k
Willing to negotiate on Options/S&H
Plenty of photos on request. Have a whole Trello board with every historical detail you need to know about this car.