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The organizers of the 2005 Black Bear Rally, Presented by Four Star Motorsports, HotBits Performance Parts and Subaru Canada would like to take a moment to mention that, thanks to support from RallySport Ontario, the roughest portion of new road being considered for use for the rally will be graded prior to the event, removing many dips and holes that we would not have been able to run over without the repairs.

We'd like to dispel any rumours that this will be a car-breaking rally. The new roads, once the grading is complete, will be fast and flowing. Our road work crews spent last saturday working on the roads, doing amazing things such as this:

We're really looking forward to putting on a great, unique event. Please check http://www.mlrc.ca/blackbear/ for more information about the rally (including our entry list).

If you're not going to be competing, we're always looking for more volunteers, especially those with an amateur radio license. Please contact our chief control marshal, Ross Wood, at [email protected] if you're interested in volunteering.

Thank you.
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