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The Maple Leaf Rally Club is pleased to announce that the 2005 Black Bear
Rally presented by Four Star Motorsports, HotBits Performance Parts and
Subaru Canada will be going ahead as planned on the rescheduled date of July

Due to an extreme weather event in the week prior to the original date, the
rally had to be postponed because large portions of the stage roads were
washed away. Word this week from the MNR is that a grant has been obtained
and repairs have already commenced.

While the MNR will be competing their repairs shortly, the organizers would
like to hold a work day on Saturday, July 9th to fix up what they miss,
with a possible second date on July 16th depending on if we can't get to
everything. Competitors are welcome and encouraged to attend, as always,
and help bring the roads up to their best possible condition. The more the
merrier. Please contact myself or Ross Wood at [email protected]
for more information.

Numerous dates listed in the supplemental regulations on the website are no
longer correct, we will be posting an updated version of the regulations
shortly. Please stay tuned to http://www.mlrc.ca/blackbear/

While we have already conducted a seeded draw for the event, we have also
received word from a few teams either wishing to enter or having to
withdraw, and in light of possible seed changes this weekend at Rallye Baie
des Chaleurs, we will be re-drawing the start order at the July MLRC Mini
Rally on Monday, July 11th.

More information will be forthcoming shortly.

Thank you.
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