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I have a 2004 wrx caged (custom cages) shell that i had planned on keeping as a backup but ended up with a street car as well so I am going to sell it as a package deal.
The Shell
Bought this as a wrx street car and started to build it into my first rally car. The shell is %80 complete and needs 3 or 4 (.5") gaps in the cage welded as well as two gussets that were missed when it was assembled. It looks much rustier in the pics because of grinding dust. any real rust is just on the surface and can easily be cleaned off. though my plan was to have it media blasted before i got much farther. This was my first attempt at shell prep so it is not as clean as i would have liked but the cage was welded by a well known cage installer and it is as strong as any.
The car
The 2004 STI has well over 100k on the shell and is pretty rusty. the interior is trashed as well but for a rally car build that shouldn't matter. The engine only has 30k or so on it and it runs perfectly. I have driven it around on the road a bit and has plenty of power and shifts fine. the body on it is pretty mangled really. rusty fenders, dented doors, rusty rear quarters and trunk.

The good news is the LH rear door is fine and the caged shell has the other 3 in perfect condition as well as a good trunk all in the correct color,wrb.

I am looking for $13.5k offers welcome, for both cars and all the parts on them ... not the wheels in the picture those are for my street car. if you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]. After writing all of this i realize i cant upload photos so email me and i will send you the pictures, sorry for the inconvenience.
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