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2004 Subaru Impreza RS rally project car (so cal)

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2004 Impreza rs project car. This car is in the early stages of being built into a stage rally car but unfortunately has been sitting for a while now with no time to work on it. I’d love to see it completed and put to use. As it sits, it’s stock for the most part. New Sparco wheels, new tires, and a few other misc items. I have been building the cage to rally specs, using 1.75x.09 DOM tube and sending photos to rally scrutineers along the way so should have no issues being log booked. The cage is only tack welded in, and will need a dash bar, harness bar, and front strut tower bars to be completed. As well as gussets. Have material certs for the tubing used also. Engine ran prior to ecu being pulled and had approx 170k on car. Transmission is bad and will need replacing. Have all of the door panels, dash, consoles, and etc to put the car back together once the interior is completed. Pink slip in hand with non op. No back fees or registration issues. $4,000
Ian (805) 450-0387 car is located in SO CAL
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Hey man, I sent you a text asking about it!
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