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TOPEKA,Kan.(Oct. 28, 2003) -The Sports Car Club of America?s ProRally Championship officially released today its 2004 schedule. The schedule is highlighted by the addition of the Colorado Cog Rally, inSteamboat Springs,Colo., the inclusion of all classes at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and the long-term commitment of several organizers to be part of theSCCAProRally Championship. 

As has been the case for the past two years, the 2004 Championship season includes nine full-points driver?s championship events.  This number is up from eight events a year ago asPikes Peakhas become a full ProRally Championship event, open to all classes for full points.

?We?re excited to see the enhancements that the 2004 ProRally schedule brings, especially the new sponsorship at Rim, the additions toPikes Peakand the new venue in Steamboat Springs,? saidSteve Johnson,SCCAPresident and CEO.  ?We also have the chance to again put the premier Rally Championship into the backyards of the best rally fans anywhere and put our competitors on some of the best roads as well.?

The schedule features a mix of events that have helped shape rally in America from its early stages, like the Susquehannock Trail event (entering its 28th year) and Rim of the World (21 consecutive events), to recently added events like The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (third year) and Colorado Cog (first year), events that will provide ample opportunity for the Championship?s continued growth in its role as the premier Rally Championship in the country.

Stretching from coast to coast, a broad array of terrain and climate ranging from the snowy tops of mountains to hidden forests and dusty canyons await both ProRally rookies and veterans. 

The season kicks off with the frigid two-day, Michigan-based Sno*Drift winter rally scheduled for the final weekend of January.  If the snow and ice pack is in place for Round One, sliding by turns and slipping past trees will be common as teams tackle the brutal driving conditions in the areas surroundingAtlanta,Mich. 

After teams are given a chance to thaw out from the only true ice and snow ProRally in theUnited States, the Championship heads west toHillsboro,Ore., Apr. 17-18, for the dusty Oregon Trail Rally. Oregon Trail, back to its custom spring time slot after running in August last year, will once again feature extremely fast dirt roads lined with the tall timber of theOregonstate forests.   

Moving from second to third on the schedule from last year to 2004 is the newly-named Subaru Rim of the World Rally presented by Autosport Engineering LLC, in its new home,Lancaster,Calif.The rally can be a suspension?s worst nightmare as waterbars (dips and rises built into the roads allowing for water runoffs) run across the rocky canyon roads which are known for their harsh treatment of both cars and teams, especially during Friday night?s run. 

America?s longest, continually-running ProRally is fourth on the list for the upcoming season as the Championship moves across the country to Wellsboro, Pa., June 5, for the 28th Susquehannock Trail ProRally, June 5.  The only one-day event on the schedule features over 100 stage miles on very fast gravel and dirt roads, approximately 300 total miles overall, and is home to the fan and photographer favorite ?Water-crossing? stage, which opens the rally.     

Scenery and heart rates are at a maximum for Round Five of the ProRally Championship as teams race 14,000 feet straight upPikes Peakat the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, June 24-26.  After posting some of the fastest times on the mountain overall last year, the Championship will show off even more as all six classes will compete for full points at the 82nd running of the Colorado Springs, Colo., event. 

?Rocks as big as Volkswagens? await competitors in Round Six of the Championship as it moves into the far northeasternUnited States.  Narrow, winding, logging trails - complete with fluorescent orange-painted rocks in the middle - make up the Maine Forest Rally, based inRumford,Maine, July 30-31. The event is co-organized by rally legend John Buffum (117 career rally victories and 11 national ProRally championships).

The ?Land of 10,000 Lakes? is home to Round Seven of the ProRally Championship as the Ojibwe Forests Rally is slated for Aug. 27-28.  Based near the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Bemidji, Minn., the rally?s often sandy surfaces proved no match in 2003 for John Woolf Cup winner David Higgins as he wrapped up his second consecutive top overall driver award here in 2003, blistering his way through the competition and tall trees of  the Paul Bunyan and White Earth state forests. 

Brand new to the ProRally Championship schedule for 2004 is the Colorado Cog rally, Sept. 24-26. The two-day, Round Eight event is based out ofSteamboat Springs,Colo., and runs in and through theHaydenValley, west and north of Steamboat Springs.  The rally proudly proclaims that ?this is NOT a car breaker,? which means that it should instead bring another element of speed to the ProRally Championship.

The 2004 schedule wraps up in familiar territory asHoughton,Mich., and the Lake Superior ProRally hosts the year?s final event in the upper-peninsula ofMichigan.  The stages run from south of Houghton all the way to the tip of the peninsula at the Copper Harbor service area, which sits on the edge of Lake Superior.  Cold and precipitation could play a part in 2004 as the rally timetable has been pushed back a week, to Oct. 22-23, later than the Oct. 17-18 slot it held in 2003.   

Manufacturer and series partner interest in theSCCAProRally Championship continues to strengthen as theSCCAunveiled its new Performance Rally Partnership Program in conjunction with Mitsubishi Motor Sports America, Subaru of America and the Air Force Reserve.  The voluntary program, funded in part by theSCCA, MMSA, SOA and AFR, will provide organizational support for local event organizers through means including cash, increased public relations efforts, advertising and standardized timing and scoring provided by RallyAmerica. 

The full series, except for thePikes Peakevent, is slated for North American television broadcast on SPEED television through 2008 as part of the new five-year agreement between SPEED and theSCCA. Pikes Peakwill be shown on ESPN2, while the television format for the eight other championship events will be broadcast in the same manner in 2004 as they were in 2003, with hour-long recap shows for each event.

2004SCCAProRally Schedule

 Jan. 30-3 Sno*Drift
Apr. 17-18 Oregon Trail
May 7-8 Rim of the World
June 5 Susquehannock Trail
June 24-26 Pikes PeakInternational Hillclimb
July 30-31 MaineForest
Aug. 27-28 Ojibwe Forests
Sept. 24-26 ColoradoCog
Oct. 22-23 Lake Superior

Schedule and Features subject to change.  All Driver Championship rounds of theSCCAProRally Championship are included in the North American Rally Cup (N.A.R.C) competition. 

Curt K.


Curtis Kitchen

Public Relations Manager

Sports Car Club ofAmerica(SCCA) Inc.

[email protected]


>Actually George, it was not very clear on the schedule they
>handed out, but I feel like it was cleared up on a few
>threads here soon after.

There appears to be a conflict.

On the one hand some people say Special Stage
is not, and should not be, a forum for official
information regarding SCCA.

On the other hand some people use Special Stage
as a semi-offical announcement media.

the announcement here was someone cutting and pasting the announcement from SCCA.

Nothing remotely offical about it- or are you talking about some other announcements?

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I think you would find the majority of the community would agree that it is a loss.

Unfortunately either the PRB, PRD, or WW has to make some concessions to have WW on the calendar.

I do not have enough information to say which group should make concessions. It is of course easy to identify the PRD and PRB as the bad guys because they are responsible for removing the event and have not adequately explained their actions to the membership. Or if they have we have already forgot their reasoning.


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>There appears to be a conflict.
>On the one hand some people say Special Stage
>is not, and should not be, a forum for official
>information regarding SCCA.
>On the other hand some people use Special Stage
>as a semi-offical announcement media.

I copied the schedule from the handout and pasted it here. Some questions arose and it was explained by a few "in the know" what was meant by having HoD on the schedule. There was nothing official about it either way, it was simply some people talking. By "in the know", I am saying it was not anyone acting in an official role, but people that understood why it was on the schedule.

The press release above is the first "official" announcement other than the handout at LSPR.

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>I do not have enough information to say which group should
>make concessions. It is of course easy to identify the PRD
>and PRB as the bad guys because they are responsible for
>removing the event and have not adequately explained their
>actions to the membership. Or if they have we have already
>forgot their reasoning.

Hey Mike,
The last "reasoning" on this topic happened in July/August when the PRB/PRD decided to nuke the WW to show organizers who's in control. There's been no attempt at negotiation or reconciliation, there have been no suggestions for concessions or corrections, this is not about partnerships, this is all about control.

Our representatives on the PRB felt they had to make a point, now we all get to live with it.

Jim Culp

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"It is of course easy to identify the PRD and PRB as the bad guys because they are responsible for removing the event and have not adequately explained their actions to the membership."

I was trying to be nice.

The PRB and PRD either don't understand they lack communications skills, don't care, or don't realize that they answer to the membership.

Oh yeah -- they don't answer to the membership. There is no process for election and no process for recall. Sure talk to the BoD -- we have all seen who the BoD listens to - they listen to the PRB and PRD.

We the membership have no control. Even directly related to the rally rules the PRD has the final say and this goes well beyond saftey and insurance issues.

We need to redefine what the SCCA is, because it is not a 'club' by any definition.


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Mike, The by-laws are on line at scca.com. They have a prodedure for revision by the members. If you want to make the PRB elected, please start a petition. Please note that the SCCA is so backward that the petition has to be on old fashioned paper with real hand written signatures.
Richard Miller
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