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I was checking the nasaforums out and I came across the 04 RallySport Schedule:
2/7/04 Sandblast - Cheraw, SC
3/20/04 Rally Tennessee - Cleveland, TN
4/17/04 Rally New York - Monticello, NY
5/15/04 Cherokee Trail - Chattanooga, TN
6/19/04 Rally Alabama - Oxford, AL
7/17/04 Rally Georgia - Lafayette, GA
9/5/04 International Rally of WV - Snowshoe, WV

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>This would be the EAST NASA Rally Sport schedule, right?

Yup. At Sandblast last week they handed out that schedule for the Eastern side.

I'm sure Ray Hocker (the Western side guru) will announce his schedule at some point.

The WV event sounds interesting: It's two rallies, on two days, on a three day weekend.


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Eastern States Rally Championship

That schedule is the Eastern States Rally Championship. See post under NEDiv forum. There may be at least one additional event added that is pending. Looking for more northern events to join.

There are other NASA western events.

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To all:

The events posted comprise the 2004 Eastern States Rally Championship only.
These events will sanctioned by NASA Rally Sport.

The schedule does not reflect NASA Rally Sport West events, nor does it necessarily reflect all the events that may be put on under NASA Rally Sport sanction or co-sanction in the East in 2004.


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