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I am selling only to go to a different platform. There is nothing wrong with the car. I drive it daily to and form work which is a 150 mile round trip. Timing Belt was changed about 5000 miles ago. Located in Charlotte, NC

Mod List: Big Wheel Stage 3 (20G Compressor Wheel, ported Compressor Housing with TD05 Exhaust Wheel) done by Bob / MAP.
Ported intake manifold.
LFS 60mm Throttle Body.
3" Downpipe
3" Straight pipe exhaust.
3 bar MAP / TIP.
Stage 3 PCM.
Stage 2/3 Injectors (682cc)
Forward Motion Stage 3 WGA.
Mopar Turbo Toys.
Greedy Turbo Timer.
UEGO Wideband.
AGP Fuel Return Line.
Brand New DEPO Projector head lights.
BC BR Type Coilovers.
Mopar Strut Tower Bars.
Eibach Sway bars.
Kaminari Carbon fiber hood.
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
FWD Defeated Fuel Pressure Regulator.
Injen Short Ram Intake.
Other things that are not installed but will be included with the sale
extra Mopar Stage 3 Fuel Rail with rasing rate regulator on the rail.
stock Mopar Stage 3 WGA
Extra set of Head lights: MPX verison 1 Halo Projector lights.
Stainless Brake Lines
Stainless Clutch line
Also have a stock Throttle Body
I am sure I am missing stuff. Full boost is 25 psi at about 3300 rpm. Only Full Syn Oil Ran.

The Mopar Turbo kit was an upgrade direct from Mopar. The stock SRT4 ran a TD04 Turbo. Tis one on here is the Mopar Stage 3 that has been upgraded to a 20g Wheel. There is no tuning required with the Mopar Stage 3 PCM either. Also, the Turbo Toys Allows for boost Control inside the cabin. ranging from 0 - 3. 0 - lowest boost 13psi, 1 - 16 psi, 2 - 25psi (Street), 3 - 25 psi (Track). Also a Intercooler Sprayer and a High Octane Mode Switch. Just put 110 octane in. Flip the Switch and a instant gain in HP and TQ.

I can provide more images upon request. Could be interested in a clean lower mileage 1st Gen Subaru Impreza RS (98-2000). 5 speed. 1998-2001.

Link to Craigslist Post: http://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/3751855086.html

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