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I emailed them to see if they would need volonters....

I would love to give starts or do finish for WRC cars]:) :) :) :)

i told them that i could easely arange a litle group of volonteres from Canada...

im shure many experience vonlonteres from Quebec and ontario would rerally enjoy the trip...

They reply to me and told me that "my " name was on the list....and that they will contact me wen they get to that point....

they did not told me if they will host the volonteres or what job is available... i guess i ill know more in a couples of month....

If your interested i suggest you email them your self..

If it work out whit $ and time...im planing on driving.....i like road trip i did the east/west so many time...its time for the North Sout trip...

Alain Lavoie
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