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Does anyone know the status of TV coverage for 2003? The only info I can find on the SCCA web site on the subject is a press release that was issued before Hyundai announced that they're pulling out of the series.

Has anyone stepped up to foot the bill for 2003 Speed Channel coverage? The SCCA press release about Hyundai's withdrawal hinted at "major sponsor announcements [they] will be making in the near future" - anyone know if TV coverage is included somewhere in that?


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They should have Soul Impact produce the coverage. I can just imagine the powers that be sitting around the board room...

Suit #1 to Suit#2, "I don't know, from I've seen, they might want to include emotion, excitement, and beautiful women in the program. That would be too large a leap forward for the marketing people at the manufactures to keep up with."
Suit #2 to Suit #1, "Yeah, we better keep the program more within the confines of what we've been doing the last couple years, don't want to try anything youth oriented or anything like that."

Oh well, probobly better in the long run, I want to work with people who allow creative freedom and journalistic integrity. I'm about the farthest thing from a puppet.

Happy holidays!
Mr Soul...:p

**NOTE TO SUITS: "Now, I ain't cheap, but I can be had." Please contact me for my "sell-out" amount.
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