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Sup Regs and entry forms are now available on the 2003 Makita Bighorn Rally website (http://www.bighornrally.com).

The 2003 Makita Bighorn Rally is the 3rd event in the Canadian Rally Championship, brought to you by Subaru and Yokohama. The event takes place on May 17-18, 2003 in Edson Alberta.

This year's event features many new roads, some familiar favourites, and only 2 dead end stages!!!

For more information, you can email the organizers at [email protected].

We hope to see you in the Rockies on the May Long Weekend, and at the Rocky Mountain Rally (http://www.rockymountainrally.com) the following weekend, in Calgary Alberta.

And new this year to the National schedule is the 3rd western event, the Pacific Forest Rally (http://www.pacificforestrally.com) in Merritt BC on the June 14-15 weekend.

Billets, airport and train yard pickups and dropoffs, and locations to store and work on your vehicles available. Just contact the organizers.

3 rallies in 5 weeks, only 900 km of Canada's most beautiful Rocky Mountains between them, what could be better? Come west for the trip of a lifetime.

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You beat me too it Dave! The Rocky website has also been updated with current info, supplementary regulations, news bulletins etc.

Check out the photos from '30 years of Rocky'Each page has (or will have soon) a different photo from the past 30 years.



Rocky Mountain Rally
Calgary, Alberta
May 23-24, 2003
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