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JK Motorsports has made arrangements with VP Racing Fuels to deliver a predetermined amount of fuel to Edson for pickup by competitors of the 2003 Makita Big Horn Rally.
Some of the available fuels are:
VP C-10 Unleaded
[ul][li]Motor Octane 96
[li]Research Octane 104
[li]R+M 100
[li]Not Oxygenated, will not harm Cats or O2 sensors[/ul]
VP CSP Unleaded
[ul][li]Oxygenated Street Legal Racing Fuel
[li]Spec Fuel for the High Compression Fuel Injected Toyota Atlantic Series
[li]Motor Octane 96.6
[li]Research Octane 107.9[/ul]
VP Performance Unleaded
[ul][li]R + M 100
[li]Recommended for electronically controlled turbo engines.
[li]Typically allows for boost levels up to 20 psi.[/ul]
VP Motorsport 103
[ul][li]R + M 103
[li]Motor Octane 99
[li]Unleaded racing fuel that provides power and protection equal to some leaded fuels.[/ul]
Please call us as (403) 818-9950 or email at [email protected] for accurate and up to date pricing. Fuel price for rally competitors is the Dealer Price and is substantially below retail price. Other fuels may also be available upon request. Please let us know before May 5th, 2003 to ensure availability.

Fuel will also be available for the 30th Anniversary Rocky Mountain Rally.

Yours in rallysport,

Janusz Komorowski

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